Cantina Centanni

Cantina Centanni

Family Tradition Since 1885

La Famiglia di Centanni, a legacy that spans over 130 years. The family first acquired their property in 1885 on the hills above the river Aso, just a few kilometers from il mare Adriatico. The ancient village Montefiore dell’Aso would be their new home.

The bulk of their yields were sold to the local cooperative, while a portion went into their own home production. Over the next 5 generations, the Centanni Family would perfect their art as winegrowers.

Primo Centanni, the first born son, took on his family’s trade with pride. He dreamed of building a legacy that he and his wife Delia could pass down to the generations to come. It was their son Mario and his wife Franca that would carry on the torch.

“When my grandmother confessed Primo’s wish to us, she did it with the sincerity and passion typical of the people from Marche. It was during a grape harvest many years ago when that thought became an idea, which then became a dream and then…….”

Primo and Delia had cultivated their dream. In 2004, the family officially registered as an Organic Winery, exemplifying the region’s synergistic traditions with nature. Vini Centanni grew into the reality that Primo had once envisioned during that harvest so many years ago. Today, Elisa, Giacomo and Daniela Centanni carry on their family’s legacy with an eye to the future and a dedication to nature.

“Today that conversation, that debate, that dream which became a reality thanks to our father Mario and our mother Franca, has become a story in our history. Today we represent a new generation and a new legacy of those who taught us to love this work”. -Giacomo Centanni


Today, the Centanni Family produces roughly 15,000 cases of wine, spanned over 10 labels that include Rosso, Bianco, Spumante, Grappa, and their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They continue to be heralded as one of the top producers of the region, consistently earning awards for their work.

Mario & Franca Centanni continue to live and work on the Family estate. They raised and taught their 3 children the values of 5 generations. Elisa, Giacomo and Daniela Centanni carry on the traditions that Primo & Delia laid the groundwork for.

Giacomo, as the eldest son, took the reins of the Family business. He obtained his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Enology and Viticulture, earning his position as Winemaker through skill and merit. Elisa and Daniela both have beautiful daughters that are being raised with the same values, the next generation of Centanni Pride.

Il Borgo

Falerio DOC

The Village 

Evening was upon them. After a day’s toil, the villagers sought replenishment. Il Borgo cooled their lips, calmed them, brought life to their eyes.

50% Trebbiano

25% Passerina

25% Pecorino

Trebbiano brings light, floral characteristics that show on the front pallet. The Passerina is responsible for the crisp acidity and citrus. Pecorino rounds it out, adding a bit of body and notes of pineapple.

Alc. by Vol. 13%

Serve chilled with Burrata cheese & broad beans

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Offida Passerina DOCG

An ancient varietal for modern sipping 

This beautiful, crisp white is comprised entirely of the indigenous Passerina grape, made in the style of the Offida DOCG.

100% Passerina

The Centanni Passerina is soft-pressed then fermented in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine is racked off of the heavy lees and aged on the remaining sediment.

Continuous turning extracts the positive properties of this finer lees.

Alc. by Vol. 13.5%

Pair with Risotto & Red Mediterranean Prawns

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Offida Pecorino DOCG

A full-bodied, mouth-watering white

2pecorinoThe most awarded wine of Cantina Centanni, the Pecorino lives up to its reputation. A tropical nose with notes of honey and melons, and a powerful mouth feel of pineapple and a touch of residual sugars.

100% Pecorino 

Hand-harvesting takes place in late August or early September from the estate vineyards in Montefiore dell’Aso and Massignano. The young vines yield fruit with balanced acidity and sugars. Fermentation in stainless steel helps to preserve the natural qualities, and the wine sits on the lees until filtering in February.

Alc. by Vol. 14.5%

Pair with a Sea bream carpaccio & pomegranate


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Passerina Spumante

Terre di Offida DOC

A Spumante Thesis

SpumanteGiacomo Centanni is proud to present the sparkling wine that earned him his Master’s Degree. This Passerina Spumante was Giacomo’s thesis, made in the Classic Method. The result was a refreshing, citric bottle of bubbly that is great as an aperitivo or for any celebration.

100% Passerina

Harvest takes place mid-August, when the grapes still have high acids. After the initial fermentation, the wine is left on the finer lees with racking until clear. Additional sugar and yeast are added to each bottle for the refermentation, and within a month the spumante is ready for 24 months of aging on the pupitre. 

Once the lees is removed through disgorgement, a liquor d’expedition is added just before the wine is ready for sale.

Alc. by Vol. 12.5%

Pair with Red mullet tartare, Roman crougettes and and loquats. 


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Profumo di Rosa

Marche Rosato IGT

ROSAA pleasing bouquet of Sangiovese

Hand-harvested Sangiovese is collected in the early morning to preserve the delicate characteristics of the light-skinned grape. South-west facing, 15-year old vines yield the beautiful red fruit. A short maceration leads to a nice salmon-pink must, which is then fermented and allowed to aged on fine lees in steel tanks.

100% Sangiovese

This intimate rosè wine, Profumo di Rosa, gives its bouquet as if from a fresh bed of roses. The Centanni Family has named it thus, and wish everyone to experience the rose of their terrior.

Alc. by Vol. 13.5%

Pair with light appetizers of bruschetta, olives and Pecorino cheese. 


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Rosso di Forca

Rosso Piceno DOC

FORCA A wine enriched with locality and history

Rosso di Forca, the Centanni’s beautiful, medium-bodied red, enjoyed by local Marchigiani families. After a long day’s toil, there’s nothing better to revitalize the spirit than this delicious blend. Named for the Estate vineyard, the grapes are yielded from 25 year old vines. The Sangiovese ripens earlier and is picked mid-September, while the heavy Montepulciano requires longer hang-time and is picked late-October.

50% Sangiovese

50% Montepulciano

Each wine is fermented and aged 6 months in steel tank separately before an additional 6 months in French oak. After blending, the wine is bottled and allowed to rest another 3 months. Vanilla and red berries dominate the nose and carry through the finish. Dry and balanced with a nice aging potential.

Alc. by Vol. 13.5%

Pair with Braised pork cheek and roasted tomatoes.


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Monte Floris

Marche Rosso IGT

MONTE Bold. Indigenous. Red. 

Monte Floris, named for the ancient flower goddess of the area around Montefiore dell’Aso, is a big, bold red fit to carry her torch. Full-bodied and savory, it is a prime example of what the Marche’s indigenous red grape can do.

100% Montepulciano

After hand-harvest in late October and fermentation in steel tank, the wine is aged 6 months in French oak. Strong flavors of vanilla and black current leave the drinker wanting more.

Alc. by Vol. 14.5%

Pair with Roasted quail, curd pork cheek and glazed apples. 


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Primo Delia

Marche Rosso IGT

PRIMO A wine for i Nonni.

Primo & Delia Centanni had a dream that was Cantina Centanni. Today, that dream is cultivated through this special Family blend. It is of course named for the Centanni Patriarch and Matriarch. The intense ruby color is a representation of the passion that Elisa, Giacomo & Daniela have for their territory and their work. Every moment, every gesture, all the time invested: it’s all found in this bottle.

A blend of 5 varietals, both indigenous & international. The recipe is a Family secret, handed down through the generations.

“For us, this wine is not just an excellent label. Primo Delia represents an act of love towards our grandparents, Primo and Delia Centanni, who started with a single bunch of grapes and were able to cultivate a dream”.

Vines aged 20-25 years yield the voluptuous fruit. The grapes each ripen at different times, and so are hand-harvested and fermented accordingly. After fermentation and 250 days of maceration, the wine is transferred to steel tanks for malolactic fermentation and 1 year of aging. An additional year of aging in large (100 liter) wooden barrels allows for the ripe tannins to mellow and balance.

Alc. by Vol. 14.5% 

110 cases produced

Pair with rack of lamb and Castellucio lentils 


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