Monthly Archives - May 2015

Discovering the Gem: A Chance Stumble Across The Marche

Arriving at Agriturismo Lavanda Blu June 2011 Carassai, Italy Long green valli fingering out, hilltop borghi speckled about, mall aziende set throughout, la costa, warm and gorgeous blue, towering montagne, always a stunning view. Must be in The Marvelous Marche On my way to study abroad in Spain, I found work as a farm hand in the lavender fields and gardens of Agriturismo Lavanda Blu. Partners Hans and Lisa run the organic farm, campground and bed & breakfast, offering a relaxing, quiet resort for guests. If you happen to wake up for it, the [...]

Beach Town of the Month: Cupra Marittima

I remember the first time I saw the coast of the Marvelous Marche. It was June 2011, and I was on a bus from Rome to some place I’d never heard of before, to a world completely unknown. I didn’t speak a word of Italian, nor did I know anyone where I was going. No cell phone, only my wits about me. With me I had my laptop, a few books and some clothes, all stuffed into my dad’s old [...]

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